Keratosis removal- Surgical incision to remove keratosis

August 19, 2010

There are several options available for the removal of Keratosis from the skin. They are characterized with crusty lump that appear on the skin, these outgrowths are dark brown crusts which may become very difficult to remove.  Surgical incision procedure is one of the most effective ways of removing Keratosis infections from the skin. Intractable [...]

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Keratosis- Lasers For Keratosis treatment

August 17, 2010

Keratosis is characterized by the thickening of the skin structure. Their shapes can range from small red bumps to some horn-like growth and many of them are quite harmless while the rest could be harmless , causing some burning sensations and itching that can result in more complications. Lasers can be used to remove the [...]

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What To Know About Keratosis

August 15, 2010

Hyperkeratinization on skin is the main cause of keratosis. Our hair and nails are mostly made up of keratin. Excessive quantity of this could be bad for the skin. There are many types of keratoses, each varying in nature and causes. Actinic Keratosis Actinic keratosis is also known as solar or senile keratosis. AK is [...]

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Porokeratosis and Methods of Treatment

August 12, 2010

Porokeratosis comes in several name variations known in the medical world. These include senile keratosis, senile warts, seborrheic verruca, barnacles, brown warts, and basal cell papilloma. As a clonal keratinization disorder, porokeratosis shows up as a cornoid lamella. A cornoid lamella is made up of parakeratotic cells that are stacked tightly to one another, and [...]

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What You Should Know About Porokeratosis

May 24, 2010

Porokeratosis has a number of alternate names related to it. It is otherwise known as brown warts, barnacles, seborrheic verruca, senile keratosis, basal cell papilloma, or senile warts. As a clonal keratinization disorder, porokeratosis becomes visible as a cornoid lamella. A cornoid lamella is consists of parakeratotic cells that are stacked tightly to one another, [...]

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Keratosis Treatment at a Glance

May 4, 2010

Since keratosis treatment is a broad subject, the discussion will be kept as concisely comprehensive as possible. Prior to anything else, let us first determine what is keratosis. Individuals use this term to refer to an unusual growth of keratin that appears on a person’s epidermis. Keratin is the main organic constituent of the epidermis. [...]

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