Keratosis Of The Skin

Sometimes confused with acne, Keratosis is a skin disorder that occurs on different parts of the body including the arms, thighs and sometimes even the face. The skin is usually infected with tiny red bumps that may have a white substance in them. Keratosis can seem like pimples on the skin surface but this is not the case. These bumps are usually formed due to an excess in Keratin under the skin. Keratin is the protein that aids in the healthy growth of nails and hair. However, in extreme levels, keratin works to block hair follicles, which is what results to Keratosis of the skin. The whitish-cream substance in the rashes is the keratin caught in the follicles.


Many people infected with this skin condition are generally young. Adults suffering from Keratosis are at least half the percentage of teenagers who have the skin disorder. The reasons behind keratin levels escalating are not known but genetics is closely linked to the cause. A lot of people who have Keratosis are not aware of this disorder. Besides the unpleasant look of the bumps that appear on the skin, the condition can be easily mistaken for goose bumps. There is no serious harm connected to the skin disorder thus it is viewed as benign. Many patients seek treatment based on the appearance and recurrence of the condition. It gets especially bad during winter when the skin is at risk of getting too dry.


There are different treatment methods that can be applied to take care of the condition. There is no absolute cure for the condition but there are remedies that can help alleviate it severity. A visit to the doctor or a dermatologist can provide one with essential information about Keratosis and how to effectively treat it. It is important to seek this advice as opposed to taking on any over the counter treatments. A good number of doctors will recommend keeping the skin well hydrated and moisturized. Moisturizers applied work to unclog the pores thus releases the keratin that is trapped. In addition, creams that revive the skin cells are ideal. This is because they soften and smooth out dry skin. This aids in renewal of skin cells that promote healthy skin.


In some cases, prescribed medications may be recommended such as topical creams. These facilitate Vitamin A provision, which a deficiency of the same may also be responsible for Keratosis. This skin disorder is chronic therefore treatment in most cases is an ongoing process.


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