Home Treatment For Keratosis

There are several ways of Keratosis home treatments available. This is a welcome report considering the expensive procedures that medical practitioners normally employ. Though not always the recommended treatments, these home treatments could be just as effective as the other procedures. This is especially if these treatments are executed perfectly. Keratosis is known to recur and show proliferation. Therefore effective home treatments could mean lesser trips to the doctor’s.

A patch test on a certain area of your skin should be performed before employing any of the home treatments that are available. Some of them may be unfavorable with your skin type and may cause more complications. It is perhaps worth noting that there are no known preventive measures for the condition. There may be a few Keratosis home treatments available but here are two common ones:

Do not use hot showers, high temperatures will cause dryness and irritation in those who already have sensitive skin. Use a warm temperature for you showers and moisturize afterwards.

Diet: A Keratosis home remedy that many don’t think about. We all know how much diet can affect the way our bodies look and react and this case is no different. Keratosis is often triggered by inflammation and unfortunately there are lots and lots of foods that cause allergies and sensitivity in the body. This in turn created inflammation in the body. Cutting down or cutting out processed flours and sugars is great because these ingredients are often prone to trigger inflammation. Increase the amount of fruits and veggies that you eat, not only are they good for you they can also contain antioxidants.

The first and well known basic home treatment is the use of glycolic acid solution. A 30 – 35% solution in a small sprayer bottle will be all you need. This method could be ineffective or even dangerous when used in some parts of the skin like the face. However, it will work on most of the other parts of the skin. Spraying this solution with medium or light intensities in the affected sections for two days will destroy the spots. The skin will be a little sore and appear reddish, but it will recover within a few days. The glycolic acid solution may also sting a little bit during the application but should be tolerable soon after.

The other effective home treatment is Liquid Nitrogen. It may also be applied through a spray gun. Icy cold liquid Nitrogen may be irritable during the first initial sprays and a patch test is therefore advised. However, liquid Nitrogen is normally well tolerated by many individuals and will not leave any major changes on the epidermis surface. Keratosis will then begin to peel off and be eliminated after 2 weeks or so.


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