Natural Keratosis Treatments

Keratosis is one of the most popular skin conditions out there. The number of people having it is on the increase by the day. It can affect both sexes and there are times that it can come up on younger individuals. The skin condition generally looks like warts in appearance. It is due to the accumulation of keratin on the skin. The skin area affected by keratosis tends to look dry and rough. The color also tends to be different from that of the normal skin surface. Whenever you see any of the signs mentioned above, you should know without doubt that what you are looking at is keratosis.  There are several methods by which the skin condition can be treated. You can also get the thing treated right at home without paying a visit to the hospital. This wrote up will open your eyes to some of the methods that can be used at home.

Topical creams

Topical creams can help to melt the keratosis off your skin. There are some specially made topical creams that are made for this particular skin condition. You can easily come by the topical creams over the counter. You can also buy them cheaply.  You need to gently wash the surface of the skin condition before you attempt to apply the topical creams. You may need to carry out the application for some days before you can expect any positive result. The topical creams will help to flatten out the skin condition and give you your smooth skin back.

Apple cidar vinegar is helpful

This solution is one of the best helping hands for your keratosis. It is so much active to the extent that it can get rid of the skin condition in a matter of days. Apple cidar vinegar will help to flatten out the skin condition and also get it dried up. It does not leave any spot on the skin at all. It is very easy to prepare the solution at home. All you need to do is to lay your hands on the different constituents and then mix them together.


It may take a number of days before the solution can help to get rid of the skin condition completely from your skin. You need to carry out a consistent application of the treatment method before you can ever hope to get a positive result.  You should try applying it for up to three times in a day.



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