Best Treatment For Keratosis

It is known that practically everyone will develop keratosis at one stage or the other in their lives.  This is one factor that contributes to the common nature of the skin condition. Generally, the older generation has more predispositions to this skin condition. As one grows older, his or her chances of having keratosis increases. It had become so rampant to the extent that some individuals have come to accept the skin condition as part of growing old. It may be easy for an older person to accept the skin condition as part of growing old and not get bothered about it. But if you are unfortunate to have keratosis while you are still young, you may not be able to accept it just like that. Having the skin condition at a younger age can tell on your confidence and you may want to get rid of it without delay. In case you are in search of ways to get rid of the skin condition, this write up will open your eyes to some very simple treatment methods that can be applied.

Surgical removal

Keratosis can be removed through simple surgical procedure. The surgical procedure is carried out by a surgeon and it will help to get rid of the keratosis immediately. This is one of the most dependable methods of removing the skin condition. It is also very fast. It is however considerably expensive.  It can only be carried out in the hospital. Your health insurance does not cover for the surgery. This means you will have to pay for it by yourself.

Liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen had been discovered to be one of the most reliable products that can be used for the complete removal of keratosis from your skin.  You can obtain the liquid nitrogen over the counter and apply it on the skin condition. In a matter of days, you should be able to get positive result. The liquid nitrogen helps to freeze the keratosis and this will stop blood and nutrient supply into it. Once its source of ‘livelihood’ is frozen, the keratosis will die off naturally from the skin. This method of treatment can be carried out right at home.

Herbal extracts

Some herbal products can also be used to remove keratosis from your skin. The herbal products are made in the form of topical products and you only need to apply them directly on the keratosis.


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