Keratosis Treatment With Hydrogen Peroxide

Keratosis has a way of making the skin look unsightly. This is the reason many individuals do not delay in getting rid of it. It can also be considerably painful. There is also the fear that keratosis can lead to cancer. Though this fear is not completely confirmed, it is however safe to get rid of the skin condition on time before the unexpected happens. There are several ways through which keratosis can be removed from the skin. Through this write up, some of the removal methods will be discussed. You will also discover that the methods can be carried out right at home.

How helpful is hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the products that can be used in treating keratosis at home. Some individuals have reported that the product work on their keratosis. This treatment method does not give a fast result; it may take a number of days before any positive result can be experienced. Hydrogen peroxide can be obtained over the counter and you can get it without any doctor’s prescription. It is also very cheap to come by. In case you do not get the already diluted hydrogen peroxide, you can always buy the various constituents and prepare it by yourself.

The hydrogen peroxide can be applied directly on the skin condition and the effect can be very quick. The product needs to be properly diluted before it is used.  15% diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide will just be perfect to get the done. This will also prevent the product from having any burning effect on the skin surrounding the keratosis. It is rarely possible to get the already diluted solution of the hydrogen peroxide over the counter. Even if you do not come by a diluted solution, you can always get the thing prepared on your own; it is very easy to carry out the preparation at home. With consistent application, the keratosis can be rid of your skin in a matter of days.


It is important get the applied solution of hydrogen peroxide covered up. This will prevent the thing from cleaning off the skin. You can always apply duct tape on it to protect it from cleaning off your skin.  The duct tape can also be obtained very easily over the counter. With consistent application, it is possible to get rid of the keratosis in a matter of day.  It is better to apply the solution up to two time sin a day.




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