Home Therapy For Seborrheic Keratosis

Seborrheic keratosis can occur on anyone; irrespective of your age or race. Both black and Caucasians can have it. Both male and female too can end up with the skin condition.  It is however more common in adults and it is rarely found in the younger ones. The skin condition does not have any health implication. There is therefore no fear of seborrheic keratosis leading to cancer. In case it comes up on your skin, you can decide to leave it untreated and nothing complicated will come up as a result. The only problem that the skin condition can bring is cosmetics in nature. This skin condition can come up on any part of the body.  It is however more common in areas that are consistently exposed to the sun. It is as a result of excessive accumulation of keratin on the outer surface of the skin.

Treatment methods

This skin condition can be treated at the hospital. But the hospital treatment may be considerably expensive. In case you do not have the money to get things done at a hospital, there are several home treatment methods that can be implemented to get rid of the skin condition.

Home treatment methods

Apple cidar vinegar is one of the most reliable materials that can be used to treat this skin condition at home. It had been used over time with very good result. It is also very easy to apply. You only need to cover the surface of the skin condition with the product and you will have your fresh skin back in a matter of days. You should endeavor to wash the surface of the skin condition before you carry out the application of the apple cidar vinegar. It is possible to get the already prepared apple cidar vinegar at many of the drug stores around. You can also get them without doctor’s prescriptions. But in case you can’t get the already prepared solution, you can always carry out the preparation on your own. You only need to obtain the individual constituents and get things mixed by yourself at home.

Glycolic acid and hydrogen peroxide can also be used in treating seborrheic keratosis. You only need to apply the solutions directly on the skin condition. Before you carry out such an application, it is important to get the solutions well diluted. Concentrated solution of glycolic acid can have burning effect on the skin. The same thing goes for concentrated hydrogen peroxide.


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