Keratosis Removal At Home

Keratosis is a skin condition that no one would ever wish to be associated with. Once your skin is affected by keratosis, there shall be warty features on the affected part of the skin. This portrays a bad picture hence making you the centre of attraction whenever you walk. Therefore, it is good to know about the entire keratosis condition and its control.

First, it should be understood that keratosis is not associated with cancerous cells. It is true that there has been a misconception about this. Keratosis affects people with over forty years. However, there are few cases of young people experiencing keratosis symptoms. Experts say that such symptoms among the young people could be as a result of the use of cosmetics that are not safe to the skin. This means that there is need for people to do proper selection of cosmetics for their skin.

Keratosis is a condition that can be easily controlled. It does not require you to visit a doctor or a dermatologist. The fact is that dermatologists are pretty expensive. Therefore, you have to save on your finances by using the cheap but effective means of removing keratosis. Keratosis removal can be done from home. There are two main ways of controlling keratosis from home.

Use of hydrogen peroxide is one of them. Here, you are simply required to visit any store and purchase some hydrogen peroxide. Thereafter, you have to dilute the hydrogen peroxide to a 25% concentration before applying it to the affected area using a soft piece of cloth. Finally, you need to cover the area with a duct tape. This facilitates quick absorption of the peroxide into the skin as evaporation is minimized.

Alternatively, you can use glycolic acid. This is a very efficient product when it comes to treating keratosis from home. After purchasing it, dilute the acid to a 12% concentration and apply it on the affected area using a soft piece of cloth. Then cover the area using a duct tape to increase the absorption rate.

The above procedures need to be repeated daily until the warty symptoms are totally eliminated. There is need for you to be careful when using any of the above chemicals. Ensure that such chemicals do not come into contact with eyes, mouth or nostrils.

In conclusion, you have to try and save on medical bills by simply employing methods of removing keratosis from home.


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