Treatment For Keratosis Warts

Keratosis warts are very common among the ageing people. They have no known cause. It should be noted that quite a number of people confuse keratosis with cancer. The fact is that this skin condition is not associated with cancer in any way. Life can be pretty difficult with keratosis warts on your skin. For instance, if this condition attacks your conspicuous body part then you will definitely be the centre of attraction wherever you are. It is unfortunate that there are reported cases of young people experiencing keratosis warts. Health experts attribute this to the kind of skin cosmetics used by the young people. That implies that you have to be careful when selecting any cosmetic for use. The good news about keratosis warts is that they can easily be managed with fewer expenses. Here are some of the commonly used products to eliminate keratosis warts.

One is glycolic acid. This is a substance that has been used to clear keratosis warts for a long period of time. Glycolic acid is available in any store or chemist at an affordable price. It is a matter of purchasing it. Before applying it on the affected area of the skin, you have to dilute it to a 12% concentration. Application must be done gently using a soft piece of cloth. Once through, you are required to cover the area using a duct tape. This enables a 100% absorption into the skin as evaporation is curbed. Repeat this procedure daily for over a month. With time the warts shall start disappearing.

Use of hydrogen peroxide is another mode of treating keratosis warts. This is a substance that has been preferred for a long period of time. This is not only attributed to its efficiency but also affordability. Hydrogen peroxide can be obtained from any store. Dilute it to a 25% concentration before applying it to the affected skin area using a soft piece of cloth. Cover the area with a duct tape to improve the absorption rate.

Caution must be taken while applying these products. If you are applying them in the face, ensure that they do not come in contact with your eyes, nostrils or the mouth. In case they do, wash with lots of water before seeing the physician.

In conclusion, you have to be very careful with your skin health. Seek quick medication whenever you see warty features on your skin.



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