Treatment For Senile Keratosis

Senile keratosis is an infection that causes warty features on the skin. It attacks any part of the body. It can be so unfortunate if this kind of condition affects conspicuous parts of the body such as hands, legs or the face. That means a person shall be the centre of attraction as it portrays a very bad picture. Senile keratosis is common among people with over forty years. Nevertheless, young people are no longer safe given the type of chemicals applied on their bodies. It is a fact that there are cases of young people suffering from this condition. There has been a misconception that senile keratosis is a condition caused by cancerous cells. The truth is that keratosis is in no way associated with cancer. Senile keratosis is a condition that can be easily managed. There are quite a number of means to treat this infection. However, here are the most effective ones.

Use of glycolic acid is a keratosis treatment mode that has stood the test of time. This is ascribed to its magnificent ability to eradicate the condition. Apart from being efficient, it is easily available and quite affordable. Walk in any store or chemist and you will get glycolic acid. Once you purchase, dilute it to a concentration of 12% and then apply it to the infected part using a soft piece of cloth. After that, cover the area with a duct tape. This ensures that the acid does not evaporate hence get absorbed into the skin. However, caution must be taken while using this substance. Make sure that it does not come in contact with body parts such as the mouth, nostril and eyes. In case it happens, wash the area with lots of water before visiting the physician.

If you cannot access glycolic acid you have the option of using hydrogen peroxide. Just like glycolic acid, it is known for its unmatched ability to treat senile keratosis. It is easily available at an affordable price. Once obtained, dilute it to a 25 % concentration and apply it at the area using a soft piece of cloth. Cover the area with a duct tape to prevent evaporation. Always take caution when using this chemical as it is dangerous to the eyes, nostril and the mouth.

In conclusion, you need to know that so many ways of treating senile keratosis exist. It is important to choose on the best for the safety of your skin.



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