Keratosis- Lasers For Keratosis treatment

Keratosis is characterized by the thickening of the skin structure. Their shapes can range from small red bumps to some horn-like growth and many of them are quite harmless while the rest could be harmless , causing some burning sensations and itching that can result in more complications. Lasers can be used to remove the most stubborn and the commonest Keratosis known to day. There are several categories of lasers used in the treatment of keratosis, however the treatment procedures are quite similar.

Some form of medications can be applied to sensitize the skin prior to the laser treatment procedures. The sensitization is performed in order to adjust the skin to be sensitive to the direct application of laser light,  the second stage involves the use of the Laser technology to destroy the keratosis cells from growing.

Before the use of laser treatment, a local anesthesia is first applied on the affected skin area to make it numb, hence the individual will not be subjected to any form of pains while the laser treatment is going on. The Laser treatment itself the exposure of the affected skin region to a high intensity light at certain wavelength for a short period of time. This procedure is often accompanied by little or no bleeding.

The recovery time for the healing of the treated skin area is very quick and the dermatologist who performs the operation often apply some anti-bacterial ointment to the treated skin area to prevent any form of infection from setting into the treated area. The use of Lasers for the treatment of keratosis is so much preferred because of the fact that is  quick and quite convenient in treating of Keratosis infections. Aside this, lasers have no serious side defects especially after treatment and it does not cause pain because the affected as been subjected to some form of numbness especially before treatment.

Lasers are used only for some recurring or stubborn forms of keratosis, it is not commonly used for all sorts of keratosis because of its high intensity. Small growing keratosis can be removed by using fading or treatment creams while mild or mid-serious ones can be easily removed by surgery , especially through cryo-surgery that involves the use of liquid and freezing Nitrogen.

Lasers are quite expensive forms of treating keratosis, hence most people often seek the help of their insurance companies especially when undergoing such treatments.

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