Keratosis removal- Surgical incision to remove keratosis

There are several options available for the removal of Keratosis from the skin. They are characterized with crusty lump that appear on the skin, these outgrowths are dark brown crusts which may become very difficult to remove.  Surgical incision procedure is one of the most effective ways of removing Keratosis infections from the skin. Intractable plantar keratosis can be removed by surgical incision . The removal of the central core of the lesion as well as paring of the callus tissue is the first procedure towards the treatment of keratosis with surgical incision.

The second stage of the surgical incision procedure is referred to as the “ sesamoid planning” which involves the protection of the flexor attachments , this procedure is done for the lesions below the metatarsal region. In cases where the keratosis lesions are larger than average, care is often taken to ensure the balancing of the softer tissues,  and to avoid several deformities that can affect the skin tissues even within the surround areas.  The description of variations including several osteotomy operations are conducted after the soft tissues of the affected skin region have been balanced and the operation has been done.  The re-sectioning of the metatarsal head is done to ensure that the metatarsal is restructured back to its original form.

The internal fixations on Keratosis incision surgery removal are done with the aid of screws and wires ,  the proximal metatarsal segmental resection of the scars are done to shorten the overall metatarsal length and translate the scar head more proximally.

Surgical incision to remove keratosis often takes time but it is one sure ways of removing keratosis infections and  before the surgical incision is performed, some radiographic examination of the affected skin region is first performed before the actual surgery.  Aside this, patients are often offered to operation risk prior to carrying out the surgery and that includes the likely side effects. Neuro-vascular damage, infections, toe destabilization and the recurrence of the infection are some of the likely risks and side effects that should be expected .

Surgical incision for the removal of Ketosis is quite effective in dealing with the infection, even if there will be a recurrence of the condition , it is believed that such recurrence can be easily treated with creams, lotions and some other medications as such recurrence are not as severe as the treated infection.

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