Keratosis removal – Keratosis barnacles

Keratosis Barnacles are forms of infection which appear at the adult stage of life, and as time goes on , more keratosis growth appear on the skin. This form of keratosis is also referred to as Sebhorreic or Barnacles of ageing and they affect both the covered and the uncovered parts of the body.  In most cases, this form of Keratosis is often inherited , however there are several other causes for the infection. The infection is regarded as harmless and in most cases does not become malignant in nature. They are characterized with light brown spots which begin gradually in adulthood , though they are slightly raised and they later thicken, and they slowly darken after sometimes.

Keratosis barnacles are superficial in nature and they appear as if they are attached to the skin.  They are referred to as benign plaques, which appear to be around 3-30mm in diameter. They occur in elderly people and are sometimes mistaken for melanomas. Though most keratosis barnacle infections can be effectively removed with the use of Liquid freezing Nitrogen , however when they become itchy and irritating, it will be ideal to deal with them through surgical removal.

Keratosis bernacles may appear as just one single growth on the skin while they may also appear in clusters.  They are referred to as barnacles of old age because they become more pronounced as an individual advanced in age.  Sometimes Keratosis barnacles may appear during some conditions such as pregnancies{ especially during estrogen therapies}. They have also been associated with several other infections.

Keratosis bernacles often appear on the chest and back , though I some cases may also appear on the face, scalp or neck. Most people often mistaken it for skin cancer or warts. Curettage is one other method that can be used in the treatment of Keratosis barnacles. It involves the removal of the kerotosis barnacles through scrapping off , an injection or spray is first of all applied in the affected area to make it numb before the removal is done. The bleeding that comes with this operation is very brief and there is no stitching involved. Blood clothing chemicals are often applied to control such  slight bleeding and it is an accurate operation that lasts for a relatively short period of time.

Electro-surgery is another way of treating Keratosis Barnacles. In this situation, the keratosis growth is first numbed and then burnt using electric current.

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