Senile Keratosis Treatment

Senile keratosis can occur on the skin due to one form of genetic related problem or the other. When it appears on the skin, this skin condition tends to make the skin look very rough and untidy. It can be so unfair on the skin to the extent that it can occur in places like the face and the leg where everybody can see it on you. It had also been discovered that Senile keratosis can affect both male and female alike. Your age also does not mater; it can affect people of different age groups. But in most cases, it had been found to be common in the older generation. In case you want to get the skin condition treated, this write up will show you one or two things that can be done about it.

Ammonium lactate

This is a special drug that can be used for the treatment of Senile keratosis.  When you use the drug, the height of the spot will decrease greatly. With time, it will totally flatten out and it will not be as obvious as before on your skin. It is better to make use ammonium lactate along with alpha hydroxyl acids. Both of them tend to have a kind of synergic effect on the Senile keratosis.

Tazarotene cream can be helpful

The topical cream referred to as tazarotene cream can also help in dealing with Senile keratosis.  You need to apply the cream externally the same way you apply other forms of topical cream. It is however very important for you to wash the surface of the Senile keratosis well before you carry out the application of this specially designed topical cream. It is important to continue with the application of this topical cream for a period of 16 weeks. You also need to ensure that it is applied twice in a day.

Surgery may be necessary

There are times that surgery may become necessary to get rid of Senile keratosis from the skin. Cryotherapy is one of the commonest surgical interventions that are used for this skin condition. This method makes use of dry ice. Other surgical interventions include the use of electrodessication, curettage, excision and even shavy biopsy. They too had been discovered to be very helpful in getting rid of Senile keratosis from the skin. On several occasions, laser too had been used in treating the skin problem with great result.


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