Seborrhoeic Keratosis

It is very common to see seborrhoeic keratosis on people. In fact, it had become a common phenomenon these days. Several people who had advanced in age are having it. The skin condition had been known to have some kind of link with the rate at which people get themselves exposed to sunlight. The more you expose your skin to the sun, the more your chance of having this skin problem.   Since the skin problem has to do with the sun, it had become a common sight to see it on areas of the skin that are commonly exposed to the sun; like the face, the arms and the legs. There are times that seborrhoeic keratosis can also be seen on the back of affected persons.

Characteristics of the skin problem

Seborrhoeic keratosis can also be referred to as senile wart. It does not have any kind of health complication on anyone that is affected. Some people may think that the occurrence of the skin problem is cancerous. But the truth is that there is nothing cancerous about it at all. It is rarely noticed in the younger generation. As one gets older, the seborrhoeic keratosis tends to appear on the skin of those that have it.  People tend to have it in case they had been earlier exposed to the sun in their younger days.

Its different forms

Seborrhoeic keratosis can be classified into different types. This means that the type affecting one person may differ from the type affecting another person. Some of the types of this skin problem include dermatosis papulosa nigra, melanoacanthoma, squampous atypia, the irritated type and the clonal type. There are still some other types of the seborrhoeic keratosis that are available. But space will not permit their mentioning.

How to treat it

Nothing much is needed for the treatment of seborrhoeic keratosis.  In fact, you may not bother about getting it treated except the situation gets worse. The situation can only get worse if you allow your clothing to brush over the area affected by the skin problem. When this happens, you can depend on cryosurgery to get rid of the skin problem.


The choice of treatment for seborrhoeic keratosis actually depends on the size of the lesion. It is now left for the medical expert to differentiate the large ones from the small ones and decide on the right treatment method for each of them.


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