Skin Keratosis Treatment

It can be very uncomfortable to have skin keratosis on your skin. Aside the fact that the skin problem can be sometimes painful and uncomfortable, it can also disfigure the skin and make the owner look very old and ugly. Because of this, several individuals are ready to give anything to get rid of this skin problem from their skins. In case you too are having this skin keratosis, you are about being fully informed on the different treatment methods that you can easily make use of in order to be able to get rid of the skin problem before long.

Topical creams to the rescue

You can make use of several topical creams for the treatment of skin keratosis. Some topical creams had been specially designed to help you get rid of this skin problem and you are sure to get relieved from the problem if you use them appropriately and consistently. In order to make use of the topical creams appropriately, it is required that you wash the skin well before you apply the cream. All you need is just tender washing with toilet soap; after which you can apply the cream.  It is also important that you apply the cream both morning and night for effective and timely removal of your skin keratosis.

Keep away from the sun

In order to treat skin keratosis effectively, it becomes very important to reduce how you are exposed to the sun. This method can as well be referred to as a preventive measure. Because of its relationship with sunlight, this skin problem has also been named as solar keratosis. If you fail to protect yourself from the direct glare of the sun, no treatment method may be able to help you out.

Surgery can be used

In some cases, special medical intervention had been employed for the treatment of this skin problem. For you to be able to get things under control fully, you may have to employ the use of surgical intervention for your skin keratosis. One of such surgical interventions for skin keratosis includes the use of laser. Laser has the capability of killing the skin problem and the growth will die within a short period of time.


One thing about the use of surgical intervention for the treatment of skin keratosis is that it is an expensive procedure. But there are times that this method may be the only viable option for you.


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