Keratosis Natural Cures

Keratosis Natural Cures

Many people are of the opinion that keratosis can result into cancer. But researches have shown that there is nothing like that. Aside cosmetics problems, keratosis does not have any negative impact one the skin. If it does not get bruised and infected, you may not need to worry about it at all.

Practically every one can be affected by keratosis. There is no age specificity too. There is also no known way of preventing it. Its cause is also unknown. But there are several treatment methods that can be used to get rid of the skin condition permanently. You do not always need to pay a visit to the dermatologist before you can also get it removed. There are some simple home treatment methods that can be used for this skin condition. Some of them will be highlighted below.

Duct tape

You can use duct tape to get rid of this skin condition. You only need to wrap the duct tape around the skin condition and leave it for 24 hours before getting it removed.  If the skin condition is still in place after 24 hours, you should change the duct tape with a fresh one and check its progress after another 24 hours. Consistent application of this treatment method should yield some positive result in a matter of days.

Tie it up

You can also tie the keratosis around its stalk. This will prevent the flow of blood into the keratosis from the body’s blood supply. The keratosis depends on the nutrient and blood supply from the body. Tying things up this way will therefore prevent blood flow and this will help to get rid of the skin condition.  This should work after some days of consistent application.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide too had been implicated for treating this skin condition. You only need to apply the hydrogen peroxide around the skin condition and wrap it up with a band aid. The band aid will help to prevent the hydrogen peroxide from evaporating. After some days of applying this method, you should be able to get rid of the keratosis.

Topical creams

There are so many topical creams that can be obtained over the counter. You can also apply the cream on the skin condition and you can be sure of positive result within days of application. You can always cover the applied topical cream with band aid to bring about quicker result.


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