Keratosis Horn

Keratosis is a rather common skin condition. There is rarely anyone who can’t suffer from it. There is also no age barrier to this skin condition. It is so common to the extent that there is rarely anyone who will not have it at one point of their existence. There is no known origin of keratosis; medical science had not been able to specify what the cause is. No one can also come up with how to prevent it. It does not result into cancer in the least. It can however get bruised and start bleeding. This can lead to some uncomfortable complication.  The skin condition can also appear on any part of the skin.

It is possible that you are having this skin condition without knowing if it keratosis. This simple write up had been designed to help you get rid of that confusion.  The general appearance of keratosis will be discussed here.

Its general appearance

Keratosis has a very specific appearance on the skin. It usually looks like a grain of rice that attaches itself to the skin by a stalk.  This is why it is usually referred to as keratosis horn. The grain of rice appearance can also be pointed and it will hang on the skin with its stalk holding it in place.

When it comes up, keratosis horn will usually take the color of the skin part where it comes up. It is not accompanied with any pain whatsoever. A close look at the tip of the keratosis horn will reveal some dark spots directly on top of the grain. The dark spots are simply tiny blood vessels that supply the keratosis from the general blood circulation of the body.

The grain like appearance of the keratosis horn makes it very easy to treat. One of the simple treatment methods that can help to get rid of this skin condition is to tie a strong around the stalk. When this is done, the blood supply into the keratosis horn will cease. This will prevent the supply of blood and nutrient into the keratosis. Before long, the keratosis is sure to die.

You can also apply simple topical cream to the keratosis horn. A consistent application will bring about the removal of the horn from your skin within weeks. In order to prevent the bruising and bleeding of the keratosis, it will be great to get it removed on time.


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