Keratosis Home Treatments

Keratosis is a mild skin condition. You should not bother about the skin condition leading to cancer. You can decide to leave it on the skin when it comes up instead of bothering about getting it removed. But some circumstances can force you to get it removed. The keratosis can grow on parts of the body where it can be brushed upon by clothing materials. When this happens, the keratosis peals and it will start bleeding. A bleeding keratosis can easily get infected and this will only lead to more complication.

There are also times that the keratosis may come up on places like the cheeks check and eyelid. This form of keratosis will surely have a very negative effect on your appearance.  It may be in your best interest to get rid of the skin condition to avoid these uncomfortable situations. This write up will teach you what you can do to get rid of the skin condition.

You can freeze it

Liquid nitrogen can help you to freeze the skin condition. You can also get this done right at home without visiting any dermatologist. What you need is to visit any of the drug stores out there to get liquid nitrogen. You only need to apply the liquid nitrogen directly one the skin condition and you can be sure of relief from this skin condition after some days of application. The liquid nitrogen will help to get it frozen and it will peal of from the skin.

Tie it up

In case you can lay your hands on the liquid nitrogen, you can always tie a string around the base of the keratosis. The keratosis depends on the nutrients from your body to get nourished. By tying a string around its base, you are preventing the flow of the nutrients into the skin condition. The keratosis will get starved and it will die after some times. It will then get dried and removed from the skin after some days of consistent treatment.

Simple topical creams

Some topical creams had been made specifically for the treatment of this skin condition. You can always get them over the counter. There are different makers and each of them contains different active ingredients. But one general focus of the ingredient is to get rid of the skin condition.  You only need to apply the topical creams like you are applying ordinary cream to your skin surface.



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