Plantar Keratosis Treatment

Keratosis is very common skin condition. It comes up in form of a growth on the skin. The growth looks like grain of rice and it hangs on the skin with a stalk like piece of skin. Normally, it takes the same color as the color of the skin.   It can also be found on different parts of the skin. It can be found on the face and on the feet. There are times that it also grows on the anus and the genitals. It is also possible to come by keratosis on the sole of the feet. This kind of keratosis is referred to as plantar keratosis.

Plantar keratosis has the same appearance like every other forms of keratosis. It also comes with the appearance of a hanging grain of rice. This form of keratosis can however get quickly infected. This is due to the dirty nature of the sole of the feet. Since you will have to walk about, the plantar keratosis can get easily bruised and infected. When this occurs, infection may set in and the affected individuals will end up suffering from other complications.  It will therefore be in the best interest of anyone affected by plantar keratosis to get it treated on time.

Excision is helpful

In order to get the plantar keratosis removed on time, it will be a good idea to carry out its excision. This should not be done at home at all. A trained surgeon is the best person to carry it out. Some bleedings may result during the excision. A local anesthesia will be given by the surgeon so that you will not feel any pain while it is being carried out.  You need to keep it in mind that health insurance does not cover for the keratosis removal. You will need to pay for it yourself. The amount you pay is also determined by the number of keratosis you want to get removed.

Use hydrogen peroxide

In case you can’t afford the money for surgery, you can always make use of hydrogen peroxide to get the thing treated. The hydrogen peroxide can be applied directly to the surface of the keratosis and a duct tape can be used to cover the keratosis for about 24 hours before it is removed. Hydrogen peroxide can be harsh on the surrounding skin. Care should therefore be taken while applying it. This should be able to get things under control within some days of consistent application.


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