Home Keratosis Treatment

Are you having keratosis on your skin and you are already getting bothered about it? You should not bother so much about a skin condition like keratosis. This is because the skin condition is not dangerous in any way. It is mild and it does not have any negative impact on the skin.  The skin condition does not lead to cancer. You can have it on your skin without bothering about getting it removed.

Some situation can however force you to want to get rid of the skin condition. There are times the skin condition can come up on areas of the skin where it can easily get bruised. When keratosis gets bruised, it may start bleeding. This can lead to further complications on your skin.

Treating the keratosis in the hospital can be very expensive. Your health insurance does not cover for the treatment and you will have to pay for every dime yourself. The treatment can also be considerably expensive. In order to avoid paying such huge amount to get your keratosis treated, you can always go for home remedy. There are several natural ways by which you can get the skin condition treated. Some of them will be highlighted below

Liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen can be easily obtained over the counter. The liquid nitrogen can be applied directly over the skin condition to get it frozen. With consistent application, you can get rid of the skin condition over a very short period of time.  The liquid nitrogen will help to prevent blood flow into the skin condition and the later will get starved and die a natural death. It may leave some scars on our skin after it had been removed this way.

Simple herbal products

There are very simple herbal products that you can always depend upon to help you in getting rid of the skin condition. It is possible to get these herbal products over the counter. You only need to pay a visit to any of the drug stores around and you are sure to come by very helpful herbal products that you can always depend upon  to get rid of the skin condition.


Some topical creams have also been naturally made to help you with this skin condition. You only need to carry out simple application of the creams on the skin condition and you can be sure of complete removal of the keratosis.



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