H2O2 Keratosis Treatment

Keratosis is one of the commonest kinds of skin condition today. So many individuals are having it already. Many are of the opinion that the skin condition can lead to cancer. But the truth remains that there is no scientific proof to link the two of them together.  The skin condition had been discovered to be completely mild.

Nothing much had been discovered about what its source is. But several researches had been carried out into how it can be treated. There are very simple treatment procedures that can be carried out on the skin condition in order to get it treated. In case you are having this skin condition and you have already tried several treatment method to get it treated without success, this write up will reveal a very helpful treatment method that you can implement for the skin condition to get it removed from your skin.

Treatment with Hydrogen peroxide

Several researches have shown that it is possible to make use of hydrogen peroxide to treat keratosis. Any one attempting this treatment method needs to be very careful how things are done. If care is not taken, you may end up with some uncomfortable complications.

Hydrogen peroxide is a rather concentrated solution. Before you make use of it, make sure that you get it diluted down to 3% concentration. Hydrogen peroxide can have burning effect on your skin if its concentration is higher than 3%. After treating the skin condition with hydrogen peroxide for a number of days, you can stop for a while and continue later. You should consistently drink water throughout the treatment period. As you are applying the 3% hydrogen peroxide on the skin condition, you will feel some pains.  But the pains are somewhat bearable at this concentration. As you apply the hydrogen peroxide the endotoxins produced by the skin condition will die off.

You should continue with this treatment method for over a week to be sure that the endotoxin is completely killed. This is the only time that you can be sure of the complete removal of the skin condition.

Dehydration may set in if you do not take lots of water as you are using this method to treat your keratosis. You should never stop taking water all through. You can add 1/8 table spoon full of salt into a cup of water and drink it before your breakfast in order to reduce any possible dehydration.


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