Can Actinic Keratosis Disappear?

Actinic keratosis is caused by over exposure to the sun leading to painful red patches on the skin. These lesions are mainly precancerous. The lesions are normally rough, dry, crusty and scaly, their color ranges from pink, red and shades of brown like light tan. Actinic keratosis appears on different body parts like the face, scalp, ears, legs, hands, shoulders and lips. This type of keratosis is easily acquired by people who have fairer skin and are also exposed to the sun for many years and for long periods. Lesions of this type of keratosis give a tender sensation especially after you are out from the sun and they are better recognized by touch as it is easier. The sun’s UV light puts people with blonde or red hair, grey, blue or green eyes and have fair skin at the greatest risk as they have less protective pigment in them.

Actinic keratosis is treatable, however there is still the question of whether they can disappear for good or not.. There are many remedies that take care of this type of keratosis. Treatment depends on how many lesions you have and their position. If you have about 5 lesions, cryosurgery is the best option. In this process, liquid nitrogen is used on the patches causing them to freeze. Freezing is a very fast and effective treatment for this type of keratosis. Freezing is also recommended for thick lesions. There are many other treatment options, and your dermatologist has been well trained on such matters. Make a visit to your physician and you will get professional medical help.

Lesions of actinic keratosis can disappear but they can always reappear too. This keratosis may disappear on its own if you avoid exposure to the sun for some years but if you get back to the sun, they will easily reappear.  These lesions can also disappear if you follow its medication without fail. The numerous treatment options are effective and after continued usage of the medication, you will see great results.

In conclusion, as actinic keratosis disappears, you need to prevent yourself from having any contact with the sun as it will cause reappearance. It is therefore advisable to stay away from the sun and if you must expose yourself, ensure that you are using sunscreen.

Actinic Keratosis

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