Protect Your Children From Actinic Keratosis

Protecting Your Children From Actinic Keratosis:

One in six people now suffer from sun expose also known as sunburn. Ultraviolet rays are hidden forms of radiation which enter into your skin and cause damage to your skin cells. Because a child’s skin is quite sensitive unlike an adult’s, it is very important that the child’s skin is given protection right from the onset and that the child is not exposed to any dangers of skin problems that can be prevented.

When a child gets marks on their skin, these marks might remain until he or she gets older and such skin blemishes might get worse. There are certain risk factors for children as far as keratosis is concerned. There are two body elements involved in skin disorder and these are keratin and melanin. Keratosis is the overproduction of keratin which is the protein element of hair and nails and pigmentation is the overproduction of melanin which is responsible for skin tone. Thus keratin and melanin are very important to our bodies and their purpose is to protect the skin. Keratin protects our head and fingers while melanin protects our skin. Both are in themselves harmless although too much of them are not good for the skin.

So how can you protect your child from the skin disorders such as actinic keratosis? There is no running away from skin disorders and there is no protection from them. What needs to be done is to lower the risk factor as far as skin disorders are concerned. Many factors are concerned when dealing with keratosis. Sunlight alone does not cause the problem because there are hereditary connections involved too and as such prevention is difficult if not completely impossible. You will be at a higher risk of getting keratosis if your family has it and while some of it is not curable; it can be treated or removed through surgery or by using keratosis removal creams or serums.

Pigmentation occurs in the skin and this is not such a problem. When your skin darkens this is not something to worry much about. What you need to worry about is hyper pigmentation of the skin. When extra ultraviolet rays that the skin absorbs are prevented by melanin and the amount of melanin is literally in harmony to skin tone, as your child experiences continual daily exposure to the sun, this puts them in harms way as they become vulnerable as their skin is exposed to a higher possibility of uneven skin tone.

The use of an umbrella is quite important in the prevention of the possibility of unevenness in the skin tone, especially on days where there is a lot of sun. Although sun screens and sun blocks can safeguard the skin, uneven skin pigmentation can also be prevented with the use of lotions that contain high sun protection agents. Between 10am and 4pm the sun is always at its apex and it is advisable to avoid it at these times. Small doses of sunlight are not in themselves harmful and in fact they are helpful with vitamin D and will help babies to prevent rickets and develop strong bones. But too much sunlight will bring about pigmentation and this is what ultimately leads to actinic keratosis.

Actinic Keratosis

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