Will Keratosis Go Away By Itself?

Will Keratosis Go Away By Itself?

Skin problems today comes in different sorts. Partially because of the depleting ozone which lessens the earth’s protection against the dangerous UV rays. Thus, many find it helpful to use skin care products that effectively help in minimizing the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation onto the skin. Perhaps, you even use these products to keep your skin healthy.

Things are far different today because even healthy people can acquire or develop certain skin problem. The severity differs with every individual depending on how they manage to treat and prevent them to deteriorate. For instance, keratosis mistakenly diagnosed as pimples, wart or acne. Simply because their manifestations are mild especially for keratosis pilaris. It is visible on buttocks and thighs although they are not limited to appear on these areas. Their appearance could also be seen even on glabrous skin such as foot soles and palms.

Normally, keratosis pilaris are small, rough patches and could either be white or red zits that feel dry and rough. Usually, they are not itchy or painful. But it is confused with acne since they create rough skin bumps. The condition commonly affects teenagers and babies. As for teenagers, they are visible on thighs and upper arms while it grows on the cheeks for babies. Untreated keratosis pilaris remain for years and disappear by themselves before reaching 30 years of age.

Given that the condition is harmless, treatment is not necessary. They resolve by themselves even without specific treatment. But, it is helpful that you visit a dermatologist which will augment you with many useful self-care procedures and access to buy medicated creams that effectively helps in minimizing or eliminating keratosis pilaris appearance.

Moreover, facial treatments like skin exfoliation helps in removing excess keratin that accumulates on the surface of the skin and inhibit hyperkeratization. Though it fosters temporary solution, it does help in improving the appearance of your skin right after the treatment. Monitor your intake of Vitamin A as lack of it can cause keratosis pilaris while too much of it foster liver damage especially without the supervision of a physician.

Furthermore, the primary defense from worsening this condition is intensive moisturizing. If moisturizing creams are ineffective, you can use medicated creams which contain alpha-hydroxy acids or urea which is effective in alleviating the condition. Be careful though that improper use of these products may cause skin irritation.

For best results, incorporate medications with healthy lifestyle and proper diet.



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