Treatment Options For Keratosis

Keratosis is a skin condition that is characterized by the growth of keratin on the skin. Keratin is a very essential protein in the making of hair and nails and it should be produced as it should or else, overproduction will lead to keratosis.


There are different types of treatment for keratosis and they usually depend on the type of keratosis you have. Some treatments for keratosis are home based while others are hospital based. People who seek treatment for this skin condition do so either for cosmetic reasons or for the sake of their health.


There is seborrheic keratosis, actinic keratosis, keratosis pilaris and also hyperkeratosis. Some of these types of keratosis are malignant while others are benign.


Treatment for keratosis ranges widely. There is treatment for keratosis that is purely physical while there is treatment for keratosis that is chemical.


Lemon sugar scrub is treatment for keratosis that is chemical. The chemicals in the scrub react with the skin and in turn heal the lesions. This scrub is used like your normal beauty scrubs. It is best used on clean skin at least twice daily.


Electrocautery is also treatment for keratosis. This involves the use of electric charge o low voltage to burn the lesions. This completely kills the growth and is very effective. At most times, electrocautery is a back up for curettage. Curettage is also treatment for keratosis and it is a physical treatment or rather mechanical. The doctor uses a spoon-like instrument to cut of the growths. Since it is a painful treatment for keratosis, anesthesia is normally used.


Glycolic acid is also treatment for keratosis. This acid is diluted and used on the growths. The concentration is about 30% and it is put in a spray bottle where you can now spray the acid on the affect parts. The first time you use glycolic acid, you are bound to have a tingly feeling on your skin but after getting used to it, you will be fine.


Cryotherapy is used as treatment for keratosis. This involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the growths. This numbs them and stops any more growth from it.


Laser beams are used on many skin conditions. These beams are made of very strong light of very high intensity and therefore very effective. The high intensity kills the nerves in the growths and stops this skin condition.


Before you settle on any treatment for keratosis, always ensure that you speak to a physician about it.


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