Treating Keratosis

Keratosis is not a dangerous skin condition depending on the type and therefore, treatment depends on the type too. If you are suffering from malignant keratosis, then treatment is very important for you.


When you are looking for keratosis treatments, you will come across many options for this skin condition. Laser beams are one of them. These are beams of light of very high intensity that are used to destroy and kill the growths in keratosis. The growths are exposed to light of high intensity and the work is done. Lasers are very effective and most people prefer it. However, laser treatments are very expensive and it is sometimes termed the keratosis treatment for the rich.


Cryotherapy is another treatment option. With this treatment method, liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the lesions. The nitrogen is sprayed on the lesions and you are good to go.


Curettage is another treatment for keratosis. A doctor will use an instrument that is shaped like a spoon to cut off the growths. This method is never effective when used alone and therefore, the growths might recur. To back it up, electrocautery is used. This involves the use of electric charge to get rid of the growths. The charge used is normally of low voltage and is sent to a needle tip and then used to burn the growth.


Hydrogen peroxide is a treatment for keratosis that is used at home. You only need to dilute this base in a concentration of between 20-40%. This is best used as directed by your pharmacist and it is not usually used on a daily basis.


Glycolic acid is also used as a treatment and just like hydrogen peroxide, it needs to be diluted. It is best used at a concentration of 30%. This is then put in a spray bottle and sprayed on the growths at least twice a day. Mot people complain of glycolic acid irritation within their first use. This is not a bad effect and with time, your skin will get used to this treatment keratosis method and the irritations will stop. However, if glycolic acid proves not to be your best option, you can always try another treatment method.


Lemon sugar scrub is a good remedy for keratosis as it is natural and therefore chances of reactions are very minimal. It is better used when your skin is clean and at least twice daily.


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