Treatment Options For Actinic Keratosis

Actinic keratosis is a skin problem that can lead to skin cancer. It is characterized by lesions that are painful, scaly and crusty. These are mainly pink in color but can be red, pink or in shades of brown. This type of keratosis mostly affects older adults and it is rare on children though possible. It is also caused by over exposure to the sun over the years and that is why it mostly affects the older generation.

This type of keratosis can pose a health risk and therefore, treatment is necessary.

There are numerous treatment options for actinic keratosis.

Cryosurgery is a very effective and fast remedy for this type of keratosis. This kind of treatment is commonly known as freezing. Liquid nitrogen is used on the lesions by freezing them. This treatment for actinic keratosis is usually painless and so many people prefer it.

Another option for treating actinic keratosis is the use of photodynamic therapy. This is done by your dermatologist as it needs specialized training to perform. After a photodynamic therapy, you are required to avoid the sun for 36 to 40 hours continuously. After the sun’s avoidance, you will also need to have mild sunburns reaction just to make sure that the treatment worked right. This kind of treatment is recommended for people with sensitive skin as it does not involve chemicals but only liquid application and light exposure.

Chemical peels are another option for treating actinic keratoses. Chemicals are used on your face, left there to dry and after sometime peeled off. This causes blisters but with time, new skin will grow.

Creams are also used on lesions of actinic keratosis. These creams are of a wide range. One of the creams is aldara. You should however note that these creams come with side effects increased skin redness and increased irritation of the skin. These creams also, make you a little bit more sensitive to the sun but the good news is that the effects only last for about 3 to 6 weeks. After the weeks you skin will go back to normal.

Actinic keratosis is surely curable and you should not hesitate to seek medical advice concerning this and other types of keratosis.

In conclusion, having actinic keratosis is not terminal. There are many treatment options for actinic keratosis and if you detect the condition at its early stages, all the cancerous lesions can be removed.

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