Is There A Treatment For Keratosis Pilaris?

Keratosis pilaris is a type of keratosis where the skin has rough bumps on it. This condition is common in adolescents and women. KP can affect anyone of any age and it is a hereditary skin disorder. This kind of keratosis also has been commonly confused with acne but the difference is that the bumps are painless and are dry and chapped. This skin disorder is commonly referred to as chicken skin as it resembles it. KP has its variants. They are keratosis pilaris rubra, keratosis pilaris alba and keratosis pilaris follicularis.

There is no known cure for keratosis pilaris but there is effective treatment for this kind of keratosis. There are several treatments for this kind of skin disorder.

Adapalene is a retinoid and is very commendable for this kind of keratosis. It works by moderating cell differentiation which in turn helps in keratinization. It has good inflammatory and exfoliating effects that are good for the skin.

Creams are also used to treat keratosis pilaris. Creams that have a good amount of vitamin A like tretinoin are recommended for KP.

Anti-inflammatory agents like triamcinolone are good and effective treatment for keratosis pilaris. This works by reducing the amount of keratin in the pores of the skin.

Exfoliating is another method of treating this kind of skin condition. It can be done either mechanically or chemically. This method works by improving the texture, and most importantly the appearance of the skin.

This kind of keratosis is also treatable by use of lotions that are rich in urea and alpha hydroxyl acids. These lotions work by improving how the skin looks and the texture of the bumps although it is temporal.

Keratosis pilaris is treatable by use of omega 3 supplements. These supplements work by improving the skin and after some time the bumps will not be noticeable.

Oil pulling is great on this skin condition too. You should try it. Ensure that you first talk to your dermatologist about it for professional advice. Your dermatologist will be in a position to help once your skin is examined. You should also change your diet and see the effect.

Keratosis pilaris is not curable but with the available treatments, you can improve the appearance of the bumps. This kind of condition poses no health risk but you can treat it if it is necessary especially for cosmetic reasons.

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