Senile Keratosis Treatment Cream

Senile keratosis is not uncommon these days. Check the body of many individuals on the street and you will discover that they are having this form of keratosis. It looks like a bump on the skin. The bump has a grayish look to it and it also has this pointed appearance. The bumps are also soft to the touch. Many individuals having it can mistake it for warts. This is why it may not be safe to diagnose senile keratosis at home; a visit to the hospital will help to get things diagnosed appropriately and you will never have any problem whatsoever with treating the skin condition. The medical expert can help you find the appropriate treatment method for the skin condition.

Topical creams can help

Several topical creams are very helpful for the treatment of senile keratosis. The topical creams are very easy to apply. They are also very easy to buy. You only need to pay a visit to any of the drug stores around to buy yours. They are also very cheap to come by. They had been proved to be the best ways to get the senile keratosis treated. You will never feel any pain while using any of the senile keratosis creams. After treatment, no spot or scar will be left on your skin.

Different makers

Several manufacturers are responsible for making the creams. Because of this, each of the creams you find on the market has different compositions. The compositions are however very active against this skin condition. None of the creams had ever been known to have contrary effect on the skin. The compositions of these creams have a way of breaking down the keratin formed in senile keratosis. The destroyed keratin is then digested and removed from the body. This will then make it possible for you to get your fresh skin back.

Mode of action

The creams are especially designed against cystine, which is the main component of keratin. While many treatment methods may find it difficult to break the cystine disulfide bond formed by the keratin in senile keratosis, the topical creams and its compositions do not find this difficult. This is why you can always trust in the creams to help you with the skin condition.


Before you make use of any of the senile keratosis creams, it will be better to consult your dermatologist. He will be able to guide you aright on the right kind of cream that will not affect your skin negatively.


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