How To Prevent Actinic Keratosis

Actinic keratosis is a condition whereby the skin develops scaly and cracked lesions. These are normally premalignant hence with time; this can develop to cancer. The problem affects anyone of any age and people with fairer skin are more likely to suffer from it. Actinic keratosis is mainly caused by over exposure to the sun in a lifetime. The harmful UV light damages the upper and outermost layer of the skin-the epidermis with time altering the shape, size and organization of cells known as keratinocytes. The dermis can also be affected if the exposure is increased.

Knowing the causes for actinic keratosis gives you an upper hand in knowing how to prevent it. The sun is to blame for this type of condition that is usually commonly known as solar keratosis. Chances of you having this skin problem are increased when you have a bad immune system and a bad skin type too.

This keratosis can be prevented by use of good sunscreen when you are out in the sun. You need to use sunscreen with a broad spectrum of at least factor 15. Sunscreen helps by shielding your skin from the UV light of the sun.

As you go out in the sun, ensure that you have exposable body parts at least covered. Yes it might be so hot you wish you were walking around just in shorts, but just for extra protection, wear light clothing to cover your arms, legs hands and shoulders. Since the clothes are light, you need not worry about getting any warmer. Also please do avoid the sun between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm.

Some medication can also prevent it. Isotretinoin is good medicine for actinic keratosis but it can also be used to prevent this skin disorder. It is a good prevention method.

Most people do like tanning and maybe you are in that category. Tanning is not a bad thing but over doing it puts you at risk of acquiring this skin illness. Tanning does not only lead to this keratosis but it also leads to other skin problems.

In conclusion, you have realized that actinic keratosis is acquired and something can be done to prevent this precancerous type of keratosis.


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