Seborrheic Keratosis Treatment

Seborrheic keratosis is a type of keratosis that is benign in nature. This skin condition gets more common as you age. The growths in this type of keratosis range from black to light tan. This means that they can either be of your skin color or somewhat darker or lighter. The growths come in different shapes. They can be round or oval or even somewhat raised or flat. This type of keratosis resembles skin cancer and therefore you need to see a dermatologist just to be sure.


Since seborrheic keratosis is non cancerous, there is no need for treatment. People who seek seborrheic keratosis treatment do it because of cosmetic or beauty reasons. Some seborrheic keratosis treatments are home based while others are acquired from the doctor.


A very good home based seborrheic keratosis treatment is lemon sugar scrub. This scrub contains many things like almond oil, lemons and sugar in it. It is used just the same way as other scrubs are used. This method is very good as it not only heals you but also leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.


Another home based seborrheic keratosis treatment is glycolic acid. It is best used at 30% concentration and is put in a spray bottle where you can now spray the acid on the affect parts. The first time you use glycolic acid, you are bound to have a tingly feeling on your skin but after getting used to it, you will be fine.


Curettage is another of the many seborrheic keratosis treatments. This is done when a doctor removes the growths with a spoon-shaped instrument but this is never effective when used alone. Surgical excision is also another seborrheic keratosis treatment. Here, the doctor will inject you with a local anesthetic and use a scalpel to remove the growth.


Electrocautery is also seborrheic keratosis treatment. This is the use of electric current to burn of the growths and destroying them. The charge used here has o be of low voltage. This is the method that is used alongside curettage in order to make curettage effective.


Cryotherapy is also seborrheic keratosis treatment. In this method, liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the lesions and destroying them. This method is not that effective. Laser beams are also used to treat this skin condition. These are beams of very strong light that burn off the seborrheic keratosis growths.


In conclusion, before you decide which treatment you are going to settle for, ensure that you speak with a well trained dermatologist


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