Keratosis is a skin condition whereby there is over-production of keratin. Keratin is the protein that is found in hair and nails. It is produced in cells called keratinocytes. Keratosis is a wide name and it can be broken down into more specific types of keratosis like actinic keratosis, hyper-keratosis, keratosis pilaris and seborrheic keratosis. Some of these types of keratosis skin condition are malignant while others are benign.


Hyper-keratosis is a skin condition whereby the stratum corneum thickens. This usually associated with the abnormal production of keratin in the body. Hyper-keratosis is also characterized by an increase in the granular layer.


There are several causes of hyper-keratosis and one of them is a deficiency in vitamin A. this skin condition can also be caused by high exposure to the element arsenic. Somme types of hyperkeratosis are inherited. This means that they are passed from one generation to the next. Some hereditary types are epidermolytic type and focal acral one.


Hyper-keratosis can be treated in several different ways depending on type. Creams containing urea are a good remedy for this skin condition. These creams work by dissolving the intercellular matrix that is found in the cells of the stratum corneum. This process makes the scaly skin to falloff and eventually, the areas that are hyperkeratotic will soften.


There are several types of hyper-keratosis. Follicular keratosis is characterized by the development of keratin in the hair follicles in excess. This results in elevated papules that are cone-shaped and also rough. Sebum gets encrusted and this clogs the openings. This type of hyper-keratosis can be treated via supplements of vitamins and also fats that have the essential fatty acids.


Plantar hyperkeratosis is characterized by growths at the sole of the feet. This type is usually gotten rid off by surgical means. This is the best way to deal with this type of keratosis. There is also hyper-keratosis of the nipple and the areola. This type is somewhat uncommon but it is benign. This skin condition is asymptomatic and its cause remains unknown.


Epidermolyitc type is a rare type of hyperkeratosis. It is characterized by the clumping of the filaments of keratin. Focal acral hyperkeratosis is characterized by oval papules that appear on the feet, wrists and the border of the hands. Hyperkeratosis lenicularis is characterized by flat-topped papules which are yellow in color and rough in texture.


In conclusion, it can be hard knowing all these things and therefore, it is better to let the dermatologist do his work by you paying a visit.


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