Protecting Children From Age Spots

Those tiny spots on skin are sometimes mistakenly called age spots. Although they are called age spots, age doesn’t really matter and everyone could have them. Too much secretion of melanin on the skin is the root cause of this. Our skin’s pigmentation is influenced by how much melanin our body produces, and this melanin protects our skin from the sun. And as a parent, you would also like to prevent your children from having age spots.

There could be many reasons why one has age spots. One of these reasons is heredity. If this occurs in most of family members or relatives, one has the chance to develop “age” spots. Also, people with fair skin are the most susceptible type of people when it comes to getting age spots. Additionally, lifestyles also affect the chances of having age spots.

Since children enjoy playing under the sun even if it is at its hottest, a concerned parent will find it hard to prevent his or her child to get age spots. One thing that can be done about this is letting the children have fun inside or an area where it is shaded from the sun.

Children could find it problematic to use umbrellas when striding under the sun. So, encourage your kids to bring an umbrella and use it when walking under the sun.

employing sunscreens is another option. Check the sun protection factor of the sunscreen to be used first. Higher SPF performs better.

What your child eats also affects the pigmentation of the skin. So give your child healthy foods and drinks and make them abstain from eating junk foods.   Fruits and vegetable are good for the skin, no matter what kind of fruit or vegetable it is.

But if your child already has these spots, it is wise to see a dermatologist if these spots are really severe and bothersome. The dermatologist can help remove these spots, under parent’s consent. {You may ask the dermatologist to recommend a medication for your child.} The medication for age spots may be in medicine form or surgical.

practicing the advice in the earlier part of the discussion may prevent age spots in children. As we all know, prevention is better than cure.

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