Can Age Spots Be Cancerous

One has to worry about having age spots if it disgraces his or her self esteem. Another issue about age spots is its alleged progression to cancer. But before jumping into conclusions, you have to know some basic things about age spots and skin cancer, and see how they are related to each other.

Age spots, which also go by the names liver spots, sun spots and solar lentigines are just common indicators of aging or sun damage to the skin. Those parts of the skin which attracts too much sunlight are more affected. Of course, it is not only old age that contributes to the occurrence of age spots, but the frequency of one’s sun exposure. Age spots arise from accumulated damaged melanocytes.

Skin cancer however is not only brought about by sunlight. Some of these factors include unhealthy lifestyle, and working in a skin-corrosive environment. Heredity is another factor. There are three basic types of cancer, sorted by the skin cells they affect. Namely, they are melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. Other kinds of skin cancers are also existing, but the most common of them are to be tackled here.

Can cancers happen from age spots? The answer is still uncertain, but since both age spots and skin cancer have a common factor, which is excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, there could be a chance. That is if the one who has these age spots take them for granted and still go on lingering under the heat of the sun.

Since skin cancer can be detected easily, it can be cured early and the risk of fatality is lessened.       Wounds that do not heal, skin lacerations which change in color and size and moles with irregular shapes are the indicators of skin cancer. A simple mole can also be a cancer, especially if that mole just appeared and it also changes its color, size and has an irregular shape. In the case of having age spots, melanoma can be hard to set apart and identified from age spots since melanoma slightly resembles age spots.

What can be done to avoid all of this hassle? The best thing you can do is stay away from too much sunlight. Stay away from sunlight especially when it is scorching hot. If you have your age spots removed, your risks are lowered. If you apply sunscreens, your risks are lowered too. You can also use an umbrella. You can always prevent things from becoming worse.

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