Keratosis Treatment Options

Keratosis involves very ugly lesions appearing on your skin, the lesions are normally harmless with no cancerous effects however most of us mind our public image therefore we wouldn’t want these ugly lesions to destroy our self-esteem. Though keratosis is termed as harmless it is recommended for you to take the necessary treatment options since they not only cause discomfort or lower self-esteem but also some are known to hide cancerous infections of the skin.

Never assume that keratosis will disappear by itself, you need to get proper treatment for keratosis if you really need to get rid of it. Before you start your treatment ensure you have a doctor check up on you to make sure that you are treating keratosis and that it has no other infections like cancer. Treatment is applied depending on the extent of the infection; at mild stages it easy to apply treatment however at severe infections then a health professional advice is required.

The various treatment options available for Keratosis include home remedy treatment; this is common for mild infections. All you need to do is tie a knot at the base of the lesion tight enough and leave it there for a few days, after some time the lesion will die and fall off due to lack of blood flow to the lesion. If the infection is present on your scalp then it is better to wash to your scalp with shampoo regularly, scrap the scales first if they are dense on your skin before applying the detergent.

Other treatment options provided by the dermatologist involve the use of medication in case of mild infections or surgery in case of adverse infections. The dermatologist will recommend for you creams that will help you reduce the infection, always make sure you use the medication as prescribed by the dermatologist and that you buy medication from a licensed pharmaceutical. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to treat the infection, hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent therefore it will fade away the lesions fast.

Surgery is one of the options commonly used by many doctors Electrocautery being one of them; it is a very effective method for curing Keratosis. The other treatment is use of lasers; it is very fast and painless however it is quite expensive. Excision is also used to treat the infection this involves cutting the tumor and stitching the place back together, freezing is also another method though risky since it entails applying liquid nitrogen at very low temperatures killing of the cells of the tumor. Glycolic acid is another treatment available it simply involves applying the acid on the lesion and leaving it to dry for a few minutes.

In conclusion keratosis is treatable; if you follow the recommended medical procedures then you are good to go.


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