Treating Keratosis With Lemon Juice

Keratosis pilaris is a follicular condition which occurs because the build-up of keratin in the skin has entrapped the hair follicles in the pores. It produces rough, tiny red bumps on the skin (nicknamed ‘chicken skin’) and appears most often on the back and outer sides of the upper arms, thighs, chest and hands. In fact, it can appear on any part of the body except the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. Less commonly these lesions can appear on the face and is often mistaken for acne. Although completely harmless (in a physical sense), keratosis pilaris is unsightly and people are therefore often intent on identifying treatments to remove the symptoms. There is a variety of treatments available for keratosis including: Creams containing Vitamin A (Retin-A), prescription medications and a course of exfoliation accompanied by intensive moisturizing which ultimately improves the appearance and texture of the skin. There also a variety of home remedies which involve the use of a number of herbs and juices.


Lemon juice is one of those remedies. Lemon juice has a number of benefits in both the prevention and treatment of keratosis pilaris. Firstly, in terms of treatment, lemon juice contains citric acid and so when it is applied to the affected areas it sloughs off the debris produced by the condition. It exfoliates the skin which dries up the pimples. Prevention of keratosis pilaris is very important and although it is generally hereditary taking care of your skin with the knowledge that you are vulnerable is essential.  Lemon juice has a high content of vitamin C which is needed for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the body. It forms an important protein used to make skin, tendons, ligaments, etc. It is also an anti-oxidant. Lemon juice also has cleansing properties which are enhanced when mixed with Aloe Vera. Also if you use lemon juice to wash your face every night, it lightens it as the lemon has astringent properties (it also lightens the redness of those tiny bumps caused by keratosis). Lemon juice works as a toner, particularly if your skin is oily. Simply dilute it in water and use. Be careful and keep it away from the eyes, lemon juice is, after all, an acid. If you have sensitive skin, dilute lemon juice with water dabbing honey, egg white or yogurt on the skin as it has a tendency to get dry when the juice is applied. Finally, avoid sun exposure when you have applied the lemon juice.


Remember, the use of lemon juice is purely cosmetic, meant to rid the skin of the symptoms of keratosis pilaris or prevent any occurrence of the condition.



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