Keratosis On Dark Skin

Keratosis (actinic and seborrheic) commonly affect light skinned individuals but rarely occurs in dark skinned people, aside this, both men and women have equal chances of developing the infection. Keratosis is also a condition common among people who spend long hours in the sun and who enjoy outdoor activities more. Aside the fact that men often stay outdoors more than women, it is easier to say that men have more chances to develop keratoses than women, but aside this both men and women over the ages of 45 have equal chances of developing the condition.

Keratosis may occur in dark skinned people for a number of reasons, dark skinned individuals possess more melanocytes than light skin people, though the actions of these melanocytes often prevent keratosis from occurring and dark people have higher chances of avoiding such conditions even during their middle age periods, however when dark skin individuals continue to expose their skin to unregulated sun exposure, their melanin production becomes abnormal and that could stimulate keratosis outbreak from within the skin .

Genetically an individual’s skin type is the most predominant cause of actinic keratosis in most people, the genetic cells in the skin at the epidermal layer can easily be sensitized by the UV rays of the sun, as a result of this, the genetic codes of these skin cells are altered and such alteration can covert normal skin cells to abnormal ones, and in the process the abnormal cells will gradually replace the epidermal layer of the skin leading to the thickening of the affected parts of the skin. Serious skin irritations and burning are often associated with the development of keratosis in most people.

Many dark skin individuals do not normally suffer from keratosis infections because the genetic composition of their epidermal skin layer are not easily disrupted by the UV rays of the sun, however dark skin individuals who have genetic disorders may suffer from the infection, dark skin people who have also been treated recently for some other infections may have their immune system weakened and keratosis is one of the many problems that may occur.

Keratosis on light skin individuals cannot be regarded as abnormal because their skin nature is susceptible to the condition, aside light skin people, blondes and individuals with red hair are also subjected to the keratosis condition, primarily because of their low melanin protection.

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