Keratosis: I’m Getting Married Soon

With thoughts of marriage dancing through your head, you may want to think of visiting your local dermatologist to make sure that not only is your skin clear, but it stays that way. Imagine, what it might be like on your wedding night if your new groom finds that the bride he married has brown keratosis blotches, it’s not an appetizing vista for you is it.

Why is this targeted particularly at women? The statistics speak to that. Dermatologists have found that almost universally 90 percent of the sufferers of keratosis are young women in their child-bearing years, in other words you, the new bride.

So, what can you do about it? Here’s a list you can try, if you find that you have the blotchiness brought on by keratosis. (Keratosis is a condition where the melanocytes beneath your skin’s surface try to repair any sun-damaged areas of skin by moving to those areas and creating brown or light brown blotches.)

Ointments: You can try a skin-lightening ointments containing glycolic, azelaic or kojic acids, but you must remember that they have to be used regularly even if it seems to becoming drudgery, you must continue to use the skin-lightener until you get some good results.

Skin-Peels: You can try this approach if the ointments do not bring good results. In a good skin-peel, a technician will spread an ointment on the affected area and will then, using various agents, remove the top layers of skin to reach the layers below that are not affected by the blotchiness. Once the peel has reached that level, the technician will stop the peel process and apply healing ointments that must also be used for success.

Dermatological laser: One of the great results of the the electronics revolution of the last few years have been the development of exfoliating or dermatological lasers that have a great advantage to keratosis sufferers, they can remove the blotches left by keratosis. The way in which this works is simple in that a technician aims at the effected area and, using a quick zap of light, dissolves away the blotchiness, leaving  your complexion clear.

Again, the key here is to remember not to go back into the sun because it will reverse the cures you have effected and, if you must to use a strong sunscreen with an UVB SPF of 35 or so and a UVA rating of a minimum of 3 stars.

In this way, you will be able to kick off your life with your new husband with clear skin and a clear mind. It’s the only way you can go. One thing to remember, though, is that if you go through this procedure be sure to let your new spouse know at some point because it would be rather shocking for him to come home one day and find a bride with keratosis blotches. Honesty in all things is the best way to start a new marriage.

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