What Is A Keratosis?

Simply put, the growth of excessive keratin on the skin is what is referred to as keratosis. It can come in different forms and each of the form can have different appearance and even treatment methods. But all in all, the treatment methods used for one can work fairly well with the others. You should not be so bothered when you notice it on your skin. This is because you are not the only one having it. In fact, there are several individuals that are having it today.  Through this write up, you are going to be enlightened further about keratosis.

What can cause it?

Since keratosis can be of different forms, it is expected that it can be caused by different things. There are some types that are caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. Others can be caused due to genetic manipulation in the affected person. It is also possible for another type of the skin condition to be caused by aging. Each and every one of them is actually helped by aging. When one grows old, it is possible for the individual to end up with any of the types of keratosis.

Is there any health implication?

In most cases, keratosis does not lead to any negative health condition. The only thing is that the skin of the affected person will be covered with spots and this can make the skin really ugly. Aside the psychological effect that it has on the person, there may not be another thing to bother about. There is another type of this skin problem however, that can lead to cancer. The type being referred to here is called actinic keratosis. It is the only form of the skin problem that had been implicated to cause cancer.    Anyone having it will do well to seek for quick medical attention.

How to get treatment

Several methods are available for treating any type of keratosis. There are typical creams that can be directly applied to the surface of the lesion. It is also possible to make use of other treatment methods like laser and cryotherapy. There are several other surgical treatments available for it and your doctor will be able to guide you aright on the right method to use.


Since you can not tell the one that will lead to cancer differently from other types, you should never attempt to treat keratosis on your own. Make sure you get a doctor in the saddle.


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