Treating Keratoses

Poor diagnosis of keratosis can result and the skin condition may end up being diagnosed as skin wart. Because of this, those who make attempt to treat it end up failing to make any impact on the skin condition. It may take well trained medical personnel to identify the skin condition. But this simple write up will look into opening your eyes to how it looks like and you can also understand how to carry out its treatment. This skin condition appears like an abnormal growth on the skin. In most cases, the older generations are the ones that come down with it. It usually comes up with a characteristic reddish brown color. The size and shape does vary. It can also appear in group or singly. This may be all you need to different   keratosis from several other forms of skin problems.

Its health implication

The truth of the matter is that keratosis does not have any kind of impact on the skin of the affected person. But the only thing is that they look rather unsightly on the skin and this situation may prompt an individual to want to get them removed so as to regain the lost beautiful appearance of the skin from keratosis.

Glycolic acid solution

This method is very helpful in removing keratoses from the skin. A solution of glycolic acid is prepared and applied to the surface of the skin condition. For good effect, it is better to make the solution about 30% concentrated. The solution will help a great deal to reduce the size of the lesion. It will also reduce the height of the skin condition. Consistent application will totally get the keratosis removed from the skin.  It is not advisable to wash the area on which you have applied the solution. Leave the solution on it for as long as possible. If possible, you can leave it for a whole day. Even if it causes some stinging sensation, you should not touch it.

Hydrogen peroxide

Another natural remedy that can be used for treating keratoses at home is hydrogen peroxide solution. Before you apply the solution on the skin problem, make sure you add moisturizer to the surface of the lesion and to the skin that surrounds the area. This will help to prevent the skin from the burning sensation that can be felt from the hydrogen peroxide solution when it is applied on the keratosis.


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