The Latest News On Treating Keratosis

There are products which are in the market that claim to be effective treatments for keratosis. One such combines microdermabrasion and multiacid chemical peel as single treatment. The premise applied here pertains to physical chemistry, where microdermabrasion breaks microscopic fibers that reinforce cells together. At the same instance, chemical peel dissolves the glue holding these cells as one. Keratosis has possible genetic etiology and genetic predisposition, which makes it difficult to achieve a singular available cure option. Effectiveness of treatment varies with hormonal and seasonal states, which get inconsistent at certain times. There also are cases of keratosis pilaris which clear up on their own, as well as others that disappear with age.

Different contemporary modes exist for treating keratosis. Important too is the fact that many patients exhibit excellent response to such approaches in therapy. It is nonetheless critical for any cure adopted to be implemented with continuity. There are multiple types of lotions and creams that you can choose from, in order to alleviate keratosis. It is crucial to note that people respond differently to varying cures. Of equal emphasis also is that you might not attain perfect relief from them.

You can settle for a generic approach for treating keratosis, in order to prevent skin from drying off. Mild cleansers which are not laced with soap cleansers are an ideal choice here. Most such cases utilize lubrication as the mainstay of action.

Treating mild events of keratosis pilaris may be done by conducting basic lubrication, which appropriates over-the-counter moisturizer lotions. Lactic acid lotions are better therapeutic options for more serious cases of keratosis. One may also apply topical steroid creams and alpha hydroxyl acid lotions for greater positive outcome.

If your skin is prone to acne attacks, you should consider applying an active cleanser on it, as opposed to a soapless one for nonreactive skin, on areas affected by keratosis. When making lotion application, massage affected regions about 2 to 3 times a day. Skin that is abraded or irritated ought to undergo bland moisturizing, up until inflammation eases on it.

Your doctor is at liberty to prescribe a medium potency topical steroid cream that is emollient-based. This treatment course lasts about 7-10 days. It forms a vital part of acting on red areas inflamed with rashes. A preparation, such as of 2-3% salicylic acid compounded in 20% urea cream can then be applied on the resulting dry lump residues.



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