The Danger Signs Of Keratosis

The development of keratin on the skin is basically called keratosis. When an individual is highly exposed to the sun, it is likely that this skin disorder will push through. Other than that, there are also cases wherein the cause of keratosis is the use of tanning beds. More specifically, keratosis may refer to its different types: actinic, seborrheic, and pilaris.

Among the three kind of keratosis, the most typical type is actinic. Since this is a premalignant condition, ignoring this may result to cancer. Candidates to this kind of issue are those who seemingly worship the sun by being exposed to it all of the time. Affected by this skin condition are the body parts that are usually exposed to the heat of the sun most of the time. The second type of keratosis is called seborrheic which is described by a growth or a bump on the skin. The good news about seborrheic keratosis is that its bumps and growths do not right away result to cancer. Lastly, keratosis pilaris is the type of keratosis wherein the hair follicles are stopped up. In order for you not to experience any complications, it is best to determine the signs of keratosis apparent to your condition. If you do not like the idea of having severe skin damage or even cancer, do not treat keratosis as a problem that you can sleep on.

Being on the watch when it comes to your skin is more than a requirement. Skin damage is a danger sign of keratosis as described by crusted areas that are mostly scaly and outlined. Multiple spots on parts of the body that are greatly exposed to the sun are signs of this condition. The skin dryness may not be a typical condition because this may also be a sign of keratosis.

The color of the patches on the skin may range from red, brown, pink, or gray, and the spots may become thicker in the long run especially if there will be no treatment for the skin condition. Although you may not suffer from pain, the thickening of the patches is a danger sign of keratosis. Rough skin is a usual sign for those who have this skin condition. When you check the feel of your skin, compare it to how it felt before; there may be troubles about keratosis if the skin is rough.

If you are about to engage in an outdoor activity wherein exposure to the sun is required, one good means to take is to apply sunscreen since such occasion may lead to having keratosis. You can use creams or lotions in order to moisten your skin.

If you are having these skin patches, remember that these may result to keratosis. Apart from regularly inspecting your skin, do not forget to visit your doctor whenever you need assistance about your skin condition.

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