Seborrheic Keratosis Treatment Cream

Seborrheic keratosis is a condition of the skin where growths may appear of different colors, sizes and thicknesses. This condition is predominantly found in older people and the exact cause is not defined. This condition is not harmful to the health of the patient and doctors say that it can be left untreated without any risk to the person. Doctors are able to treat this condition if it is the patients’ choice. They use methods such as surgical incision, curettage, electrodessication or laser treatment.

Apart from these methods preferred by doctors, there are other methods used including treatment creams. Treatment creams either act by improving the appearance or thickness of the seborrheic keratosis with some of them removing them completely. One of the creams used to improve seborrheic keratosis is called tazarotene cream 0.1%. This cream improves the appearance of the seborrheic keratosis when applied twice daily for 16 weeks. It is reported to have worked in 7 out of every 15 patients that it was prescribed to.

Another very popular cream that is used to treat seborrheic keratosis is Ag3derm. The cream is designed to be a home treatment solution for seborrheic keratosis. It acts on the keratosis growth and destroys the cells that have developed abnormally on the skin. The patient is advised to apply the cream on the seborrheic keratosis twice daily for 14 days. This cream is a long acting one and should be left on the skin for as long as possible. If the affected area is usually covered by clothes, a person should make use of a band aid to keep the cream on the affected area.

After about two weeks of application, the seborrheic keratosis will have developed into a scab. The scab falls off and leaves healthy skin on the affected area. This cream will also affect the area immediately surrounding the site of the keratosis. This makes it to turn into a red color and the skin will also be tender. This will however clear few weeks after the treatment has been stopped. So far this method is known to be effective and has long lasting effects compared to other methods which are mostly of a cosmetic nature.

The effectiveness of the treatment creams for seborrheic keratosis should be used together with other methods of treatment for instance using vitamin supplements and eating healthy foods. This is because nutritional factors may have been part of the factors that contributed to the keratosis.


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