Seborrheic Keratosis Natural Treatment

Seborrheic keratosis is one of the types of keratoses that we have around. It is a very common type and it is experienced by several individuals all over the place. It is caused mainly due to the exposure of the skin to sun. As one grows old, the effect of the excessive exposure to sun begins to appear on the skin as spots called Seborrheic keratosis.  There is no need to worry much about this skin condition; considering the fact that it does not lead to cancer. It can only give you spots on the skin. Some people may however like to get rid of the spots so as to regain their fresh skin again. This simple write up will guide you on the simple and cheap treatment methods you can use for the skin condition.

Try lemon sugar scrub

This method had been utilized for treating Seborrheic keratosis naturally and it had proved to be very effective.  You need to mix honey, sugar, lemon and almond oil together to form the lemon sugar scrub. Before you can make use of the method for treating the skin condition, make sure you clean the area of the skin. You can as well take your bath. It is better to apply the treatment method twice in a day. This way, you are sure of getting better result from its application for treating Seborrheic keratosis.

Tie a knot

This had also been discovered to be a very effective method to get rid of the Seborrheic keratosis.  This method involves tying a knot on the growth. Leave the knot on it or as long as possible and make sure that this is repeated everyday. If possible, you can leave the knot for the whole day. Tying the knot will prevent the supply of blood and nutrient to the spot. The growth of Seborrheic keratosis will dry up with time and it will fall off in form of blister.

Eat balanced diet

Eating balanced diet had been discovered to be another effective way to treat Seborrheic keratosis.   Make sure that your food is rich in supplements; especially in vitamins. In order o ensure that you get the normal supply of vitamins per day, you can also rely on vitamin supplements.  You can be sure that these natural methods will get rid of the Seborrheic keratosis within a short period of time; provided that you never grow impatient with them.


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