Removing Age Spots

Almost everybody can have age spots, which also goes by the name sun spots or solar lentigines. It is hard to stop because we can’t hide from the sun. Age spots treatments are just around so you can seek ways to get rid of them. You can remedy them at home or have it treated in a clinic. You should also be aware of the nature of age spots.

All of us have melanin, the one which is responsible for skin color. Melanin protects us from ultraviolet radiation from the sun, although this is not at all dangerous. Extra ultraviolet rays can lead to cancer because healthy skin cells are damaged.  When these melanin are already used, they crumple under the skin and they darken, thus age spots.

asking a dermatologist is a must to be sure that what you have is age spots, not pre cancerous spots. After the dermatologist or any skin care professional confirms it is age spots indeed, you can try the following treatments:


•    Make an apple cider and onion juice solution. pat a cotton to the mixture and apply it on the age spots.

•    Aloe vera can also be applied in generous amounts on skin. Do this in the morning and evening, treatment should be left on skin for about an hour.

•    Lemon juice has characteristics that can help in lightening age spots. Get the extract of the lemon and apply this as a sort of astringent. Wait for the lemon juice to parch if you plan to go outside.

•    You can also use castor grease. [Rub it on affected area with cotton two times a day.

Home made treatments however take time to be effective and they may not be effective for you at all. If you want fast solutions you can try other choices.


•    Microdermabrasion/dermabrasion – The idea of this method lies on peeling of skin using a coarse sander. This is a rather poor choice because of the ache and slow healing time.

•    Another means to remove age spots quickly is by chemical peels. Chemical peels use chemicals to remove old skin cells allowing the regeneration of new skin cells.

•    If you really want efficiency and precision minus the pain, try laser treatments. Laser treatments do not involve cells near the area to be treated. You can almost feel no ache when you got through this treatment.

If you already have gone through such procedures and eventually got rid of dark spots, its time to give your skin more care. Try to avoid getting too much exposure to the sun especially when it’s sunny. The use of any sun protection be it umbrella or sunscreens is recommended. Age spots can come back if you do not take care of your skin.

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