Natural Keratosis Treatment Methods

Looking for a natural keratosis treatment method? You will certainly agree to the saying, you are what you eat. True, if your diet comprise of healthy foods, it is very obvious on your glow especially on the skin. Vitamins and minerals are found on the food you eat. Therefore, why not examine your diet and see whether you are eating healthy?

Despite from being healthy, still, it never warrants that you will experience skin problems. Aside from eating healthy, you should also be mindful on what is healthy for your skin. Intense sun exposure is the number one enemy of your skin and keratosis is one skin condition you will possibly develop. This condition is distinguished by thickening the structure of the skin. Shapes usually vary from little red bumps growths to horn-like tumors. Though harmless, they may cause burning sensation as well as itching which could lead to further complications. Different medical methods can be done to remove them especially stubborn ones. Admittedly, these procedures are somewhat expensive but natural way is also available. In fact, they can just be found in your kitchen. Consider some of them.

A combination of sugar and olive oil can be used as exfoliant. Preparing the mixture is very simple. You just mix equal parts of sugar and olive oil which you can use to cast off the plugged keratin and dirt particles on the skin.

Water and salt scrub is proven to be helpful as exfoliating formulation. By gently scrubbing the formulation into the skin, this could clear the occurrence of keratosis pilaris. Never scrub vigorously to avoid further skin damage.

Soaking in the oil of Vitamin E is an excellent skin moisturizer and improves the appearance of keratosis. Just soak the oil in an infused bath water at least 20 minutes and avoid long shower to prevent the oil from stripping off from your cause, thus causing more irritation and dryness.

Cider vinegar from apple is effective in washing the part which is affected by keratosis and a good alternative for creams and washes that contain lactic acid. Sometimes, lactic acid can cause skin irritation.

These are just few of the natural remedies for keratosis. Although the condition itself presents no cure, well, for inherited ones, but these prove to be of great help in living with this condition. Natural remedies are an affordable way of treating this skin condition and even free you from worries of further complications obvious in non-prescribed medication.

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