Keratosis – Will The Sun Make Them Bigger?

Keratosis & The Sun

Subjecting yourself to sunlight is proven to be helpful especially early in the morning. But, this advice should be followed with discretion. Mainly because recent study shows that the protective layer in the atmosphere which is the ozone is depleting, thus causing ultraviolet rays to break in. UV rays are harmful to your skin and could lead to skin cancer.

Overexposure to sunlight foster danger especially to those who love outdoors like sports fans. Common skin problem is keratosis. Keratin build-up is responsible for the occurrence of keratosis which develops on the skin’s outer layer called epidermis. Keratosis comes in different kinds, in which the most serious among them is actinic keratosis. Skin ageing and repeated UV exposure are known to cause the development of this skin condition. Recent study reveals that commercial tanning beds can also cause the development of actinic keratosis. Thus, how can you protect yourself from developing this sort of skin condition?

Popular quotation goes “prevention is better than cure”. That is true, especially during the early stages of keratosis. Doctors suggest that you avoid going outdoors on intense sunlight. This may range from 10am and 3pm though it may vary according to the continent you are living.

Second, if you cannot keep yourself from going outdoors especially during summer, apply sunscreen onto the skin part which are exposed to sunlight. Ensure to use sunscreen that provides excellent protection from UVB and UVA radiation. They are manifested with the inclusion of star rating from zero to five, meaning five stars have the highest protection level. Re-apply after two hours.

Third, wear long sleeves and wide brimmed hat to provide extensive protection on skin areas which are exposed to the sun.
Fourth, it is better to wear sun glasses which provide UV protection. UV rays not only harm your skin but to your eyes as well. With sun glasses, you are protecting your eyes and fashionable at the same time.

Fifth, if possible, avoid using sunbeds.

Therefore, keep in mind that sunlight is mainly responsible for skin problems like keratosis and it is your foremost enemy. Early manifestations of lesions on your skin should not be ignored. Rather, pay attention in minimizing your sun exposure as well as by following the abovementioned tips so that if you already have keratosis, you are preventing them from becoming worse and free yourself for possible complications due to intense sun exposure.

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