Keratosis Treatment Cure

Keratosis is a kind of skin condition that tends to make the skin look rather ugly and unsightly. When it appears on the skin, it looks like papules and the papules can either appear singly or in group.  It can also be very painful especially when clothing is allowed to pas over it. There are times that the papules appear on the chest and the back. At times, it can be caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. At times like this, the areas exposed to the sun like the arm, the legs and the faces are covered by the Keratosis.  There are several treatment methods that can be utilized in treating the skin condition.  Some of them wil be highlighted below


This happens to be the best kind of cure that can be implemented in the treatment of Keratosis.  If you really want to be free from this skin problem, you will ensure that you do not expose yourself to conditions that will predispose you to it. Sunlight is one of the factors that may predispose you to having this skin problem. You should keep away from it as much as possible. If you have to enter into the sun, make sure it is just for some time. This way, you will never have to suffer at all from Keratosis.


This had been implicated to be very wonderful cure for Keratosis.  It involves the application of dry ice directly on the papule. The applied dry ice can be in form of dry nitrogen or CO2. When applied, the dry ice will make the papule shrink. This will force out its content and the content can drop off. The left over will be dried by the ice and you can have your fresh and smooth skin back. Before this method can be helpful in treating this problem, you need to consistently apply the treatment method on the Keratosis. It may not show result over night. But it will surely show over time.

Photodynamic therapy

This method too had been used extensively for the treatment of Keratosis.  The method makes use of a dye. The dye is applied directly on the skin and it is left for up to one hour. After this, the skin is exposed to light. After the treatment for Keratosis, it is advisable for the patient to avoid sunlight as much as possible. This will help prevent any form of peeling on the skin.



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