Keratosis Removal by Surgery is Effective and Permanent

Keratosis removal by surgery is the most effective and permanent way to remove the keratosis bumps from the skin. Keratosis bumps are painful and uncomfortable. These bumps are caused by excess sun exposure and can sometimes be addressed through creams or through procedures with liquid nitrate. However, larger bumps or clustered bumps may need to be surgically removed in order to stop the progression and the development of the unsightly precancerous bumps.

Keratosis bumps are generally red or brown in color and are covered with a white and yellow skin crust. These bumps can be painful and are precancerous. They have a 5% to 10% risk of developing into a form of skin cancer including melanoma skin cancer. Dermatologists may recommend keratosis removal by surgery in order to permanently remove the unsightly bumps as well as any potential risk or development of skin cancer.

The keratosis removal by surgery is an uncomplicated, same day surgical procedure that is completed with a general anesthetic. The patient is awake during the treatment and the results are quickly seen. A cosmetic surgeon should be consulted if the keratosis bumps are clustered on the face. There are several different types of keratosis but they generally are caused by excess sun exposure. Fair skinned individuals are at a higher risk of developing keratosis.

Keratosis removal by surgery can be accomplished through the use of a laser treatments or a surgical blade. Keratosis is most commonly seen on the face, nose, ears, forearms, and other areas of the skin that are exposed to excess sun. It is recommended that after the keratosis removal by surgery those patients avoid additional exposure to the sun. Keratosis spots and bumbs should be quickly addressed by a skilled physician with experience in treating keratosis spots. These precancerous spots can be removed effectively without leaving any blemishes or scars when treated by an experienced physician.

There are natural creams available which may diminish the appearance of the keratosis. It is best to deal with all keratosis spots as quickly as possible in order to eradicate any possibility of developing cancer. Keratosis removal cream is the easiest and most effective way to completely remove keratosis from the skin.  Avoiding additional sun exposure is the best way to prohibit any future outbreaks of keratosis.